Partnership with the community

Partnership with the community

Axis director: Dr. Thuy Mai Luu, University of Montreal.

The scientific and therapeutic actions of the network aim primarily to meet the curative and preventive care needs of families, in particular the most vulnerable and marginalized.

This axis, led by an experienced clinical researcher (pediatrician) – Dr. Luu – will 1) integrate families with different experiences in setting research priorities on the perinatal determinants of health. 2) establish a lasting partnership with the community and expert organizations to ensure the representativeness of the population in scientific studies and a transfer of knowledge that is personalized and sensitive to cultural and social realities.

This axis supports 1) the development of methods to integrate in current or future studies the voice of families in the establishment of research priorities; 2) the development of a toolbox and training workshops in collaboration with expert organizations in patient-partnership on conducting research and interpreting data sensitive to difference and diversity.

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