Psychosocial determinants

Psychosocial determinants

Axis director: Dr. Amélie Petitclerc, Université Laval

Objective: To facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration for research on social perinatal factors that influence child health, from a developmental and intergenerational perspective.

The socioeconomic factors that shape health act through biological and social mechanisms that are intergenerational in nature. Determinants of a psychosocial nature, such as poverty and stress, must be studied in a concerted way in order to better understand the complex interactions between psychosocial and biological factors.

By supporting large-scale population studies, this axis integrates the intergenerational continuity of risk and protection factors in cohort studies and the implementation of social innovations in prevention. The work is based on existing and developing cohort studies (also accessible via the harmonization and data collection axes); as well as social innovations in terms of interventions to support vulnerable families (Innovation axis). Emphasis is placed on the phenotyping of problems that are not necessarily clinical in nature (e.g. cognitive, emotional disorder).

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