Become a member

Become a member

Why become a member :

> For researchers and clinicians
      1. Network with researchers working in the fields of maternal and pediatric health in Quebec ;
      2. Participate to inovative and interdisciplinary projects ;
      3. Collaborate with various actors of the health sector in Quebec ;
      4. Access to methdological and financial support provided by the network (i.e. research grants, tool boxes) ;
      5. Participate to trainings and knowledge transfer activities offered by the network ;
      6. Receive our newsletters about events, trainings and grants competitions offered by the network ;
      7. Occupy a leadership position within the network.
> For patient-partner of research
      1. Participate as a patient research partner representative within the scientific commitee ;
      2. Have a positive impact on quebecers’ healths ;
      3. Influence the research process and its priorities and reclam patients’ and families point of view to improve research ;
      4. Access to relevant research results and ressources for patients ;
      5. Participate to training sessions for patient research partners.

Members list

      • Researchers
      • Clinical researchers
      • College researchers
      • Professional health carer
      • Students
      • Research professionnals
      • Patient-research partener
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Inscription form

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