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The Quebec Research Network in Perinatal Determinants of Children Health (Perinatal Research Network) aims to develop research around the perinatal determinants (from conception to 12 months after birth) that have an impact on the global health of children. 


The mission of the network is to structure the collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the fields of maternal and pediatric health. It aims to increase our understanding of the etiology, the development and the prevention of : neurodeveloppemental disorders, cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, metabolic, and immune dysfunctions in children.


Federate researchers, clinicians and health workers from different horizons (biomedical and social science researchers, social service workers) around the perinatal determinants of children’s health.

Catalyze provincial, federal and philanthropic research funds granting to study and prevent prenatal determinants of children’s health.

Accelerate the identification, validation and implementation of innovative preventive and therapeutic approaches to improve children’s health and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between research institutions at the provincial level.

Promote and create a multidisciplinary and innovative research environment to train and mentor students and the next generation of clinicians and researchers.

Match the needs and priorities of families by involving and training them as research partners.

Be at the forefront of knowledge transfer and be a scientific reference on the perinatal determinants of children’s health for researchers of all disciplines, caregivers, leaders and community.

Network charter

To know more about the Quebec Perinatal Research Network’s structure and objectives, consult the network’s charter.

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