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Who we are

The Quebec Research Network in Perinatal Determinants of Children Health (Quebec Perinatal Research Network) is a collaborative intiative aiming to develop research around the perinatal determinants (from conception to 12 months after birth) that have an impact on the global health of children.

Our Mission

The mission of the network is to structure a collaborative and interdisciplinary research in the fields of maternal and pediatric health and increase our understanding of the developpemental origins of health and diseases.

Our Objectives

The Perinatal Research network federates researchers, clinicians and health workers from different horizons to initiate an interdisciplinary collaboration around one research object—the perinatal determinants of children’s health.

Become a member

To benefit from activities, tools, networking events and access to student scholarships support competitions, you can become a member if you are active in research in Quebec in the field of biological and social perinatal determinants of the physical and mental health of children.

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